Southern Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Environmentally Safe and Effective Bed Bug Treament for Home, Condo or Apartment    850-258-9120

Southern Thermal Solutions, Inc. is located in the heart of Panama City, Florida and is the only company in Northwest Florida that can provide Heat Treatment with Thermal Remediation by Temp Air for Bed Bugs

With equipment designed specifically for the application of heat to kill insecticide-resistant Bed Bugs, our highly effective process is the only treatment proven to be effective against Bed Bugs. While many other treatments are on the market, Bed Bugs have proven to be resilient to chemical. They also have a rapid rate of reproduction, allowing them to spread through out homes, vacation rentals, schools, fire departments, call centers and similar locations, within days.  

Thermal Remediation is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of Bed Bugs, while reducing the application of insecticides. This allows you to re-enter your home, rental, vacation property, or place of business immediately after our treatment. Our innovative heat machines leave no residue or mess behind. With proper cleaning post treatment bed bug evidence is minimal to none. 

Our services generally include a limited warranty and monitoring system.  We treat TODAY! You rent TOMORROW!